Joint Pain

The connections at which bones meet are called joints. Our joints help us move and help provide support. This is why damage to the joints does not only cause joint pain but can also interfere with movement. Diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, bursitis, gout, osteoarthritis as well as injuries from falls, strains, sprains and accidents can lead to painful joints and swelling.

Any part of your body can be affected by joint pain from your shoulders to your ankles. A lot of people complain of shoulder and hip pain. However, the most common joint pain complaint is knee pain. People with stiff joints as with arthritis tend to limit their movement because it increases the pain. However this causes the pain and stiffness to get worse. Correct treatment such as physical therapy and occupational therapy will help to increase movement, decrease pain and get the patient back to normal activities.

The staff at Baig Rehab are trained and certified to give our patients the individual treatment they need according to their condition. Our therapists are also trained in the treatment of sports related injuries as well as preventative techniques.

Joint pain